DSW Services businesses and commercial buildings. The process of window cleaning businesses and commercial buildings is the 5-step process of:

  1. Wetting the Window or Plate
    • Strip washer: the tool that wets the window.
  2. Blading
    • Blading: a 6-inch stainless steel razor blade that removes any dirt or grime.
  3. Wet again
  4. Squeegee
    • Squeegee: remove the water or solution off the glass.
  5. Detail
    • Micro fiber or surgical towels: detail molding and window.

Day Star Window Cleaning approaches cleaning business and commercial buildings with the same standard of quality that we offer our residential customers. Commercial customers can expect that not only their windows will be cleaned and maintained but also attention to detail is of the utmost importance to DSW. Unlike some other window cleaning services we will not only clean the glass but we clean the molding as well. We offer 1 time cleanings for buildings, route work (once a week), quarterly cleanings, or regular maintanace.

1st Quarter: January - March
2nd Quarter: April - June
3rd Quarter: July - September
4th Quarter: October - December

Do you offer regular glass maintenance for my business?

Yes we do! Commercial customers can take advantage of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly whatever suits your business best.

Are you the cheapest?

We do not strive to be the cheapest but we do strive to be the best in quality. Our prices are competitive with our industry and competitors.

Do I have to call you every time I want my windows cleaned?

No you wont have to call us, we will automatically have you in our system and call you before your cleaning is due. If you set up on a regular glass maintenance schedule you can expect us to see us on a regular basis.

Can you work around my busy times?

Yes definitely, we will try to find a time that will work best for getting your windows cleaned. Sometimes-early morning and mid-afternoon are best for most businesses.

What is the process of getting and estimate?

We can do an over the phone estimate which you will need to know the number of plates. Approximate size. 1 Plate as 1 Piece of glass so you want to count each piece of glass.

1 Plate 2 Plates 4 Plates

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