DSW does offer construction clean up services builders and contractors are encouraged to contact us if you are looking for a professional window cleaning service to clean your new residential or commercial buildings.  DSW understands that construction clean up can be more envolved than other aspects of window cleaning which more attention is required to pre-clean windows before they can actually be ready for a final cleaning.  Most construction jobs will take approximately two times or three times as long, as a normal residential cleaning or commercial cleaning therefore builders and contractors should expect our prices to be at least double what we would normally charge for a residential or commercial job.  We do offer vacuuming of windowsills. 1 Plate as 1 Piece of glass so you want to count each piece of glass.  
For large buildings or commercial on site quotes is recommended or necessary.  We would like to be paid upon completion of the job no later than 7-14 days after completion.

Pre Cleaning - remove stickers, dirt and dust away from the windows if needed a vacuuming charge will be assessed. Approximately $6 per windowsill.  
1. Wetting the Window or Plate
     - Strip washer:  the tool that wets the window
2. Blading
     - Blading:  a 6-inch stainless steel razor blade that removes any dirt or grime
3. Wet again
4. Squeegee
     - Squeegee: remove the water or solution off the glass
5. Detail
     - Micro fiber or surgical towels: detail molding and window.

How do you give me an estimate for my job?
Normal size jobs can be booked over the phone. Larger jobs require an onsite estimate.  1 Plate equals 1 Piece of glass so you want to count each piece of glass.  If you have not done pre-cleaning and vacuuming DSW will charge the pre-cleaning price as stated above.  

1 Plate 2 Plates 4 Plates

What if I am a builder and I have a deadline can you get my building or house cleaned for me ASAP?
Yes, for those builders who have a deadline and need to get a property cleaned ASAP, Day Star can bring in a crew of technicians for $65 per man-hour (normal 2 story home with 50 plates may take 2 techs 6-8 hours for a complete construction clean up).  This would include pre-cleaning and vacuuming of windowsills a complete cleaning.

Do you offer any extra services?
We do offer extra services we can clean walls, ceiling fans, and general clean up and that is usually assessed by an hourly rate (per man-hour)

How do you price your jobs?
As stated above we count each plate of glass and prices are based on per side. We just need to have a few questions answered for example.
1.  Need to know the number plates (refer above)
2.  Number of screens
3.  If the pre-cleaning has been done (if it has not been done a pre-cleaning and vacuuming charge will be applied)
4.  Degree of difficulty (ladder work needed is there ladder work on the inside required).
5. Any large windows (bigger than a 3x3)

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