Decks, Fences, and Gazebos (if requested we can stain furniture)
Half payment will be received after pressure washing, then the other half after the staining.

Process: We clean the deck first by exfoliating (a combination of pressure washing and an effective deck cleaner not one with out the other); this then helps to remove mill sap from the wood, which then allows the wood to receive the stain. After Day Star does the proper pressure cleaning, we direct our customers to the appropriate color choice stain fitted for their deck or fence.  We will let the wood dry and complete the prep of the deck, which may involve a light sanding.  (If the customer does not properly clean the deck it is not guaranteed that the wood will accept the stain) We request that if we are to stain your deck the you MUST have Day Star pressure wash the deck to insure it is properly cleaned.  The customer may also have us pressure wash their deck and stain it themselves as well.

Our prices are based on square footage of the decking (floor) and this is measured by number size (of wood)= square footage. To get an accurate square footage of the entire deck or fence it is important to include railing, steps, lattice, posts, ect.  By having the accurate square footage we will know the proper amount of product or stain, as well as how much time will be spent on a particular job. Before we arrive we ask that you please remove any deck furniture unless it is to be stained. Unlike most window cleaning and house pressure washing jobs that can be booked over the phone DSW feels It is best for the customer that the deck, fence, and gazebos, ect jobs are bid on site unless otherwise requested (a general bid over the phone).  Minimum price of pressure washing and staining is $250. 

Depend on us your Wolman Certified Contractor to restore and protect your exterior wood!

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