DSW technicians clean out your gutters manually, and we make sure that all downspouts are free flowing. We price gutter jobs on degree of difficulty, size of home, amount of trees and how dirty. We do try to book most gutter cleaning jobs over the phone if we make any adjustments to the price it is after we arrive and do the walk around.

Ranch Style Home (1 story home)

Medium Home (1-story - 2 Story home)

Large Home (2-story Home)

Ex-Large Home (Multi-level home

How often should I clean my gutters? We recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year in the spring and fall.

What are the benefits of cleaning my gutters? What are the adverse consequences of not maintaining them?

The main benefit of cleaning your gutters is the rain will properly flow off your roof into your gutters, which will ensure effective flow into the drainage system. The consequences of not maintaining are that clogs can occur which can lead to many other problems such as:

1. Water not being able to drain and flowing over the sides, which in turn can run down the siding and potentially causing mold.

2. A back up clog or a blockage can cause standing water to begin to form on the roof and will actually result in the roof to beginning to leak.

3. With out proper drainage can cause flooding in your basement by pooling up by the side of the house and potentially leaking into the basement. By spending a little now to maintain your gutters, you may prevent much larger and more costly issues in the future!

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