The move in and move outs section is In reference to customers who are selling or buying their home or a realtor who is interested in having their real estate property windows professionally cleaned. Day Star window cleaning understands that customers who are moving into a new house or are looking to sell their home need to have their windows professionally cleaned.  We can accommodate such customers even if a deadline is involved. 

I am a realtor and I need a residential estimate for one of my sellers what do I do?

We can help you here we just need to know the number of plates you have we count 1 plate as one piece of glass. We also need to know if you would like vacuuming of the windows sills done. As well as the number of screens. (Refer to the online Form)

Do you have to go look at the job?

No in most cases Day Star can give you an estimate based on the information that you give us over the phone or on our online form.

I am a realtor or a homeowner and I have a deadline can you help me?

Yes we can work with deadlines all we need for you to complete the over the phone estimate or the online form with the important information. 

I am a realtor and I am very busy can I still get an estimate for a property even if I wont be able to speak to a representive of your company over the phone?

Yes this is the perfect example of a customer who needs to go online and fill out our online form.  After you have finished the online form we will contact you with your estimate so be sure to include your e-mail address and telephone number.

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