We approach patios with a combination of pressure washing as well as a cleaner. We ask that the customer would remove any deck furniture before we arrive. Patios are bid by square footage this can be done over the phone in most situations.

House Exterior Washing

When pressure washing the house we use extension poles and little giant ladder systems. We wash vinyl siding, brick, and other surfaces. Soap is used if needed on extra dirty areas of the house we will wet vegetation before we start and after we finish if we do use soap. When a customers figuring out the estimate for the house they need to figure out the approximate square footage of their house and garage as well if wanted. We will also need to know the approximate pitch of the roof.

How often should I pressure wash my siding on my house?

DSW recommends that you pressure wash your vinyl siding or other house surfaces once a year spring or fall. Or twice a year Spring AND Fall.

What are the benefits of pressure washing my house? And the consequences of not pressure washing?

Well removing mold, dirt, and spider webs that if left uncleaned can begin to breakdown the exterior surfaces of your home. By removing that you can prevent damage to the exterior surfaces of your property. By doing this simple rather inexpensive cleaning you can maintain or increase the value of your home, and prevent added unnecessary expenses in the future. This can also be ascetically pleasing to you and your neighbors your home will look very nice and clean.

Day star books many jobs over the phone and if we make any adjustments to the price it will be after we arrive and do our walk around. For full cleaning jobs we give and hour window for our technicians to arrive, we will notify the customer if there are any schedule changes.

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