Day Star books many jobs over the phone and if we make any adjustments to the price it will be after we arrive and do our walk around. For full cleaning jobs we give and hour window for our technicians to arrive, we will notify the customer if there are any schedule changes.

Day Star window cleaning offers the option of glass maintenance. Glass maintenance is a window cleaning 3 times a year and has no winter quarter (unless requested). We would recommend that customers have their windows cleaned inside and out once or twice a year and the exterior maintained on a quarterly basis. Payment is to be received upon completion of job.

How do I count my windows?

Well Day star counts 1 Plate as 1 Piece of glass so you want to count each piece of glass.

1 Plate 2 Plates 4 Plates

What is the process of cleaning the windows?

It is a five-step process

  1. Wetting the Window or Plate
    • Strip washer: the tool that wets the window
  2. Blading
    • Blading: a 6-inch stainless steel razor blade that removes any dirt or grime
  3. Wet again
  4. Squeegee
    • Squeegee: remove the water or solution off the glass
  5. Detail
    • Micro fiber or surgical towels: detail molding and window.
Do I need to move anything?

If you could please move any pictures, figurines or breakables away from the windows and any furniture as well. Thank you!

Do you offer glass maintenance for residential?

Yes we do offer a regular glass maintenance cleaning for residential customers. Most residential customers who are having their windows cleaned on a regular basis find that having their windows cleaned on a quarterly basis on the exterior and are cleaned on the inside and out once or twice a year keeps their windows looking great! You may also have your windows cleaned more often such as monthly or bi-monthly on the exterior.

1st Quarter: January - March 2nd Quarter: April - June 3rd Quarter: July - September 4th Quarter: October - December Do you use shoe covers?

"Good Question!" Our employees wear shoe covers and use drop cloths.

Do you clean screens and what is the process?

We get this question asked a lot! Yes we do clean screens! The process is we wet the screen with our strip washer the same way we wet the window then we tap out the screen to get out any excess water then finally we dry the screen with our micro fiber towels or surgical towels.

Do you vacuum windowsills?

Yes we do we vacuum the windowsills. It is an extra service and we charge usually $3 per sill or $55 for a normal 2 story home. We charge for extra dirty window sills. Garages and basement usually need extra attention. We vacuum the window sill, brush it and wipe it out clean.

What Equipment do you use?

We only use tools and equipment standard to our industry. Our squeegees, strip washers, extension poles, little giant ladder system, micro fiber towels, a variety of different solutions (all biodegradable) and stainless steel blades are of the highest quality.

Refer to our online form a minimum charge of $65

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